3 Ducks Hostel Review


Paris is the largest city in France and is well-known for being a major fashion capital, which is one of many reasons why 45 million backpackers and tourists travel there every year. This city of lights has many sights to offer its guests, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Champs-Élysées. For those looking to experience the wonders of Paris on a budget, there are several a cheap accommodation as well as quite a few hostels all under € 20.00. And each of these cheap hostels is a great deal for the price, making it perfect for students or tourists who are watching their wallets. Below is a review of the great 3 Ducks Hostel in Paris.

If you are going to Paris, the 3 Ducks Hostel, one of the most well-known hostels in Europe, is a must visit. The hostel remains open the whole year, and people who come here regularly look forward to the warm welcome they receive, as they step into Paris.

Built in the “postal relais”, the 3 Ducks Hostel shares a very friendly and ambient atmosphere with its guests. The interior courtyard of the hostel where the meals are served is huge. Some of the best wines and drinks are served in the pub of this hospitable hostel. The price ranges have been patterned in such a way that they meet up with the budget bounds of every traveler. All the aforementioned assets work in a big way in fetching a supportive 3 Ducks Hostel review every time.

downloadThe guests here can avail of a lot of facilities like Lenin rentals, space for baggage storage and a kitchen. There are good supermarkets nearby, so people don’t have to go far for essentials. There are bakeries, restaurants, and Laundromats in the vicinity too. The excellent staff out here is multilingual, and they will do their best to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

3 Ducks can definitely be used to meet up with old friends. This can also be used to make new friends, from different parts of the world, and different walks of life. This hostel also provides reliable fax, telephone, and internet services for free and will enable you to stay connected.

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The prices of rooms at this hospitable hostel are decent and therefore meet up with the budget bounds of every traveler. A twin bedroom would cost you around 23 euros in the winter season and 26 Euros in the summer season. A four-bed room would cost you around 20 Euros in the winter season and 25 Euros in the summer season, per person.

46458031There are also some dormitory style rooms which will be really inexpensive and ideal for the low budget traveler. These are rooms with 6 to 12 beds. In winter, the prices of these rooms start from 18 euros per person per day and in summer they start from 23 euros.

For visitors who have never seen the Eiffel Tower in person and are searching for a cheap hostel, 3 Ducks is the perfect place to stay as it is located only ten minutes by foot from this famous landmark. However, there is more to offer than tourists’ sites – boutiques, cafés, and various other shoppes. At the 3 Ducks Hostel, every room has a sink and mirror; however, linens and bike rentals will cost extra. But there are many other free amenities, such as Wi-Fi, 24-hour kitchen, breakfast, and safe boxes. They do advise guests that the only credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard.

You book a room through the online website of 3 Ducks Hostel Paris by filling out a simple form and e-mailing it to the hostel.

Holiday Deals For Families

Vacation Deals For Households


Are you looking for an amazing and budget-friendly vacation? You can do lots of things with your family members for less compared to $1000. Here are our concepts for economical trips that will permit you to invest that quality time with your family members that will certainly never be neglected.

1. You could take a household of four people camping in your local State or National Park for a week. All of your camping area costs, camping equipment, and various other travel charges will certainly cost you less compared to $1000. You as well as your family can spend quality time together delighting in time outdoors cooking and looking up at the stars.

2. Disney Globe is the top of the list in traveling bundles for youngsters and the park has made some adjustments to help make the journeys fit any type of family members’s budget. You can become lodgings at one of the Disney value hotels during the value seasons (January 1-February 16, August 28-October 4, as well as November 27-December 19). This could give you and your household the chance to go to the land of the Computer mouse.

3. You could likewise obtain airline tickets inexpensively at numerous various airlines, including Jet Blue and also Southwest. Then you can take a trip to Ontario, Canada, where you as well as your family could hang out in a real igloo. There is no need for extra layers, nonetheless, because these igloos have the current as well as biggest in functions to help maintain you and also your family members comfortable. This is one of the most uncommon as well as fun low-cost trips that you can take.

4. Do you want your kids to discover record and also have an enjoyable holiday together? If so, then you will certainly want to consider Boston, where the nation’s history initially started. Lodging is your most significant expenditure. Make certain that you walk the Flexibility Path. This stroll will certainly take you through a lot of one of the most cherished landmarks of history.

5. If you do incline being in the outdoors, after that you may want to consider camping at one of the United States’ warm springs. Warm Springs, Arkansas is a typically picked area to see. Outdoor camping will aid decrease your lodging expenditures as well as you will certainly get to soak in the warm, peaceful water.

6. If you are deciding to go to Europe, you could wish to think about remaining in among the hostels. This is an inexpensive way to rest, but they are very standard. If you have actually been looking for someplace to simply rest cheaply, then a hostel could be the way to go. You can enjoy the many cities in Europe and also stay in the numerous hostels.

7. If you want a charming escape, but do not have much cash, after that a cruise ship might be the cheap trip for you. Circus Cruise lines could supply you holiday bargains for as drained as $500. You could take a week to cruise to the Caribbean as well as visit several of one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

8. Is it one of your dreams to take a trip across the United States? You could do this on the cheap by choosing to ride a Greyhound Bus. This is a superb cheap holiday to see several components of the USA. You could stop in inexpensive hotels along the way to ensure that you can sightsee, too.

9. If you wish to check out an island, but do not think that you have the money, then you may want to take into consideration Dreams Cancun Hotel and Health club. You could get a trip as well as a three-night stay for under $600. This will certainly give you a possibility to delight in a relaxing, lovely beach holiday in among the most stunning and gorgeous places on the planet. It could be one of one of the most relaxing vacation deals that you can discover.

10. If the Caribbean is much more exactly what you desire, then you will certainly desire consider one of the travel package deals to the Dominican Republic. The Punta Cana Resort prices start at around $150 and also purchasing things is really affordable. If you have actually been seeking an affordable trip to the beach, after that the Dominican Republic may be a location that you will certainly intend to think about.

Off to Asia

So after my trip to Hawaii my next stop on my journey was to go to Asia. The first part of Asia I decided to go was to Thailand. I’ve always heard a lot of good things about Thailand and how much fun it was and how great the nightlife is there. pridiI also heard how everything can be really cheap. Remember I’m doing this trip on a budget so costs are very important. Being in Hawaii was great but I didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be. So off to Thailand my new friends and I went. When we arrived in Bangkok we made our way to a hostel called the Pridi HostelIt was actually a very nice place. The only flaw was that it was a little out of the way from the main tourist areas but I was more than okay with that. I like the feeling of being surrounded by the local eateries and local shops. This place was close to some beautiful beaches and the food in the area was really delicious. Everything in Thailand was really cheap. I didn’t feel as rushed to find a job here since my money would go along way.destacado_nightlife The first week we were in Thailand we would hang out seeing the sights during the day and at night we would head into the city. The nightlife here is insane. Streets are full of bars and clubs and everyone is really friendly. It looks almost like Las Vegas with all the lights on the street. We would go out all day and all night and I would spend less than ten dollars a day. I thought that was the most amazing thing. That’s including all my food and drinks. I think my favorite part of Thailand had to be the women. Yeah, hands down it was the women! They are all so beautiful and sexy. You feel like a kid in a candy shop. Eventually I did get a job at street vendor food stand. Not because I needed to, but because I wanted to be involved in the local environment. Did I mention many people spoke english. That was one of the concerns I had before I came to a third world country. I would recommend that all of you at least once in your life visit Thailand. It will be an experience you will never forget.

First Stop

Two weeks after grahostelduation I hit everyone with what I thought was great news. “I’m going to see the world!” I said. I remember my parents looking at me like I was a nut case. They were all like,”but Thomas, it’s time to get a job and settle down.” After some arguing back and forth they finally and reluctantly gave in. I didn’t need their permission but I did want their blessings. Now all that was left was to figure out where I was going first. I knew where my end game was. I eventually wanted to finish my trip in Israel. It never occurred to me that I would have a problem choosing how to start. I started by making a list of the things I wanted to see and also what it would cost to get there. After some careful consideration and eventually a coin toss, I decided first up was Hawaii. I figured it was far enough away to feel like I’m really doing this but I would still be in familiar territory since it’s a state after all. I hoped online to do some general research about the areas and where I would stay. I found a decent hostel in the Waikiki area on Oahu. A few days later I left for Hawaii. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. I called an Uber driver to pick me up and take me to my hostel. He was very friendly but it was hard to understand him at times because he spoke some type of broken English. I later found it the locals call it “pidgeon”. This hostel was better than I expected. It was clean and the staff was friendly.hostel2 The rooms were not overly crowded and the showers and bathrooms were very well kept. It appeared to be in a decent area of town and was closely surrounded by little convenience stores and other larger hotels. I met some other travelers and we started to hang out. They showed me around and gave me some good advice of where to check out. Waikiki is great. Lot’s to do and so close to the beach. One thing I didn’t count on was how expensive things can be in Hawaii. I knew I would have to find some type of job soon if I was gonna make it possibly a year or longer traveling. One of my new friends told me about a cleaning company he was working for and said he could probably pull me in pretty easily. So now everything was set. I was happy, I finally made a real start at my master plan. I saw other hostels in the area and they all were pretty much the same. My new friends took me to some great hikes and we did bonfires on the beach. Hawaii is a great place to get away from all other distractions. I stayed in Hawaii for what felt like days but was actually over a month. I had such a great time there that I didn’t really want to leave. I told my friends of my traveling plans and two of them decided to follow along with me for awhile. It was time to say good bye. Next stop was Thailand.